Te Nehenehenui Structure

The Trust will follow a structure like the whare below. Te Nehenehenui (TNN) is the governance and strategic direction. There are two arms from this: commercial and charitable.

In recent months, we announced the official names of Te Nehenehenui. These names were presented to and approved by the Kaumātua Kaunihera, to symbolise the whenua that connects the entity to the land and our history.


The commercial arm has been named Ahuahu Group Limited.

“Ahuahu” is the traditional name for the settlement of Te Waitere, a small settlement located on the southern shores of Kāwhia Harbour. Ahuahu was known as a place of cultivation and international trades.

Ahuahu – Meaning to heap up / earth up, symbolises the historical cultivation traditions of the region.


The Charitable arm has been named Waihikurangi. This acknowledges three landmarks of significance:

Ōmarueke – the birthplace of Maniapoto.
Hikurangi – former Pā of Rereahu.
Rangiātea – an ancient wānanga and Pā, where Tūrongo and Māhina-a-rangi resided.

PSGE Structure_BLUE

To view the representation model of TNN, head to the Governance section of our website.