Te Rōpū Rangatahi

Between Tīhema 2022 and Hanuere 2023, we called for expressions of interest from 50 Rangatahi living across Aotearoa, to collaborate and partake in ‘Te Rōpū Rangatahi’ in 2023.

Te Rōpū Rangatahi will network, connect and attend a series of four wānanga, held at Marae across the rohe to share their whakaaro, experiences and aspirations for the future of our iwi. 

The 50 rangatahi will help to guide and shape the structure, values and  aspirations of Te Rōpū Rangatahi. 

Te Rōpū Rangatahi will also provide advice to the Te Nehenehenui Trustees where they consider requires the view of Te Rōpū Rangatahi in the form of an advisory group.

If you have any pātai or enquiries, please get in touch with us: comms@tnn.co.nz

Appointment of Te Rōpū Rangatahi
(As defined in the Maniapoto Deed of Settlement – Section 8)

In order to foster future leadership and capacity building within Maniapoto, the Trustees shall from time to time as required appoint Te Rōpū Rangatahi.

Representatives must be Members aged 35 years or under and registered on the Register who are considered by the Trustees to have leadership potential and skills or knowledge relevant to the Trust Purpose.

Advice to Trust:
(Section 8.2 – Page 26)

On request from the Trustees:

(a) Te Rōpū Rangatahi may provide advice on any matters that the Trustees consider requires the view of Te Rōpū Rangatahi; and

(b) the Trustees shall have particular regard to any such advice provided by Te Rōpū Rangatahi, although such advice is not binding upon the Trustees.