Ahuahu Group Limited – COMMERCIAL ARM:

“Ahuahu” is the traditional name for the settlement of Te Waitere, a small settlement located on the southern shores of Kāwhia Harbour. Ahuahu was known as a place of cultivation and international trades.

Craig Barrett   Chair

Dean Nikora  |  Director

Hohepa Rauputu  |  Director

Kruger Wetere  |  Director

Nanaia Mahuta  |  Director

Samuel Mikaere  |  Director

Waihikurangi Trust – CHARITABLE ARM:

The Charitable arm name acknowledges three landmarks of significance: Ōmarueke – the birthplace of Maniapoto. Hikurangi – former Pā of Rereahu. Rangiātea – an ancient wānanga and Pā, where Tūrongo and Māhina-a-rangi resided.

Rachael Tuwhangai  Chair

Lee Gray  |  Trustee

Paula Baker  |  Trustee

Dave Letele  |  Trustee

Samuel Mikaere  |  Trustee