O-Rākau Battle site

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In 2015 the Crown purchased the O-Rākau Battle site and since then, Raukawa, Ngāti Maniapoto and Waikato-Tainui have been working with the Crown to achieve the return of the land.

September 2015, the O-Rākau Heritage Society held a wānanga at which the aspirations for the future of the site were discussed and an initial proposal was drafted.

Together, Ngāti Maniapoto, Raukawa and Waikato-Tainui, refined the proposal to achieve the aspirations and retain the values and elements presented in 2015. 

The intention is to see the return of the site from the Crown, in a way that is inclusive and recognises all groups connected to the Battle site.

Tūpuna name collection

We are interested in hearing from you, our whānau who are willing to share information about our Tūpuna who fought in the Battle of O-Rākau and who were associated with the whenua.

The next step is to collect the names of tūpuna connected to the battle and whenua. 

In order to ensure that all descendants are informed and involved in the collection of Tūpuna present at the Battle, a hui presentation will be livestreamed to the Te Nehenehenui Facebook and Youtube: 6pm, 15 Pepuere 2023

The information shared will be used to develop the Tūpuna title list which will underpin a legal ownership of the Ō-Rākau battle site whenua and an associated historical account.

The Joint proposal

This proposal is intended to be inclusive and recognise that different perspectives of the Battle and whenua will exist, are equally valid, and equally important for those that hold them.

Ngāti Maniapoto, Raukawa and Waikato-Tainui jointly support the tūpuna title as kaitiaki of the title arrangements

A management/governance body is to be established to have day-to-day responsibility for the management of the site and would be representative of all groups with a connection to the Battle site.

This will also see the development of statements of associations for each group with a connection to the Battle and the land so that they are each able to express their own unique perspectives.

Legislation would be proposed that recognises the national importance of the Battle site.

Thank you to everyone who could join us as we presented an update on the O-Rākau Battle site. 

Tūpuna name collection

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