Now open – APPLY TODAY!

Grants are now open!

Te Nehenehenui offer all registered members, a range of grants, distributions and special scholarships, to expand the capabilities of our whānau, hapū, marae and community.

This year we have expanded our range of categories to support our people and their success.

Key dates

5pm, 1 o Āperira 2023 – Grants open
(1st of April)

5pm, 31 o Maehe 2024 – Grants close
(31st of March)

Frequently Asked Pātai

The successful recipient of funding must be a registered member of Te Nehenehenui or a listed Marae or Papakāinga or Rōpū in the Te Nehenehenui Trust Deed.

You can apply within the period set out in the application form. Only one payment per recipient per category will be made.

Application purposes relating to the following will not be considered:

  • Overseas travel
  • Vehicles
  • Loan repayments or other debt instrument repayments
  • Capital purchases,
  • Wages, and
  • Fundraising

Additional guidance can be found on the Charities Website

Four (4) to six (6) weeks following the email acknowledging receipt of an application.

Academic or Calendar year refers to the start of a school year until the published final date.

All Te Nehenehenui grant applications have an opening and closing date which tribal members can make funding applications for.


ECE/Kōhanga Reo – Up to $75

Primary – Up to $100

Secondary – Up to $140

Tertiary – Certificate/Diploma – Up to $150

Tertiary – Bachelors – Up to $160

Tertiary – Postgraduate – Up to $200

Tertiary – Masters/PhD – Up to $500

Adult/Vocational education (18+) – Up to $500


Maniapoto Kapa Haka – Up to $2000

Te Reo – Up to $2000

Cultural Wellbeing & Prosperity – Groups – Up to $2000

Discretionary Cultural Grants – Up to $2000

Taiao – Up to $2000

Health & Wellbeing

Māori Wardens – Up to $2000

Rangatahi groups – Up to $2000

Kaumātua groups – Up to $2000

Discretionary Health, Wellbeing & Prosperity – (Groups) – Up to $2000

Individual or Group Sports grants – 


Ngā whare o Te Nehenehenui grant – Up to $10,000

Te Rōpū Kaumātua – Up to $10,000

Te Rōpū Rangatahi – Up to $10,000

Ngā Aka Whawhau – Up to $10,000

Marae operational grant – Up to $10,000

Are you registered?

To apply for a grant or scholarship, you or your parent will need to be registered. To register, head to the link below

Do you have a question? Or have a Grant or Scholarship enquiry?     |     0800 668 285