6pm, Paraire 1 o Tīhema 2023


Ki ngā tāne, ki ngā wāhine, me ngā tamariki. Kia ora katoa! 

Te Nehenehenui presents the annual Kawenata Awards, a celebration of contribution and achievement across all sectors of Te Nehenehenui. 

The Kawenata Awards Ceremony will be held 6pm, Friday 1st December 2023. 

To view 2022 Kawenata Award recipients – Click here

In 1903, Te Rangituataka a great chief of the Mōkau district, called together, leaders, elders and young people of Ngāti Maniapoto to consider their future as a tribe within Te Nehenehenui. 

The great conference was held at Māhoenui from the 25th to the 28th of December 1903, to establish a Kawenata (or Covenant), for the people and launched soon after on the 1st of January 1904.   

The Kawenata was developed as a structure to unite, maintain self autonomy, customary practice and identity under fundamental Principles. Due to the sociological factors of the 20th century however, the Kawenata remained a scripted accord in the historical garret of the minority until it was reintroduced in recent years.  

Since then, through technology and events of local significance, the Kawenata has been introduced to learning spaces, serenaded in cultural performances and discussed in social forums. 

To further grow the awareness across multiple areas of the wider community and recognise the significance of both the Kawenata and the people for whom it was intended for, an annual Awards Ceremony is perceived essential. 


Closed 5:00pm, Friday 13th October 2023. All nominees must give their consent before their nomination is submitted.


The awards are open to affiliates of Ngāti Maniapoto me ōna hapū maha living locally and globally and all nationalities residing within the Te Nehenehenui region.

Aroha Awards

Defined by individuals who are regarded considerate and respectful. These are individuals who contribute in meaningful ways and preserve dignity and integrity of oneself and others. Individuals can be nominated in the following sections: 

  • Security: Wardens, Mediation, Police 
  • Hospitality: Wharekai, Catering, Accommodation 
  • Community Services: Librarian, Museum, Information Centre, Society, Foodbank 
  • Charitable: Marae, Tribal, Religion, Community, Fire Service, St John 
  • Environment: Land, Ocean, Forest, Air 

Whakapono Awards

Defined by individuals who are spirited and trustworthyThese are individuals who see beyond the present time and devote time and energy unconditionallyIndividuals can be nominated in the following sections: 

  • Research: Genealogy, History, Taonga Preservation, Restoration 
  • Administration: Office, Tribal, Marae 
  • Science: Astronomy, Matariki, Meteorological 
  • Cultivation: Farming, Horticulture, Hydroponic, Organic 
  • Sport: Physical Activity, Inclusive Activity, Traditional Sport, Hunting, Fishing  

Ture Awards

Defined by individuals who can collaborate and navigateThese are individuals who generate relationships and remain honest and impartial alwaysIndividuals can be nominated in the following sections: 

  • Business: Entrepreneur, Management, Trade 
  • Education: Kōhanga Reo, Early Learning, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Alternative 
  • Politics: Tribal Governance, Marae Governance, Local Governance, National Governance 
  • Wellness: General Practitioner, Health Provider, Hospital, Medical 
  • Emergency Services: Ambulance, Fire, Police, Earthquake, Tsunami, Search & Rescue 

Māoritanga Awards

Defined by individuals who are dedicated practitioners in their field.   These are individuals who maintain traditional and contemporary principles and personify their practises endlesslyIndividuals can be nominated in the following sections: 

  • Creative Arts: Raranga, Whakairo, Visual Arts, Wearable, Photography, Film 
  • Ambassadorial: Te Reo, Tikanga, Legislation, Religion 
  • Te Reo: Marae, Home School, Workplace, Public Reo Speaking, On-air, On-Screen 
  • Tikanga: Marae, Home, School, Workplace 
  • Media & Journalism: Newspaper, Magazine, On-air, Online, On-screen 

Kotahitanga Awards

Defined by individuals who are inclusive and fair mindedThese are individuals who embrace all aspects of life and everything in it and consider the holistic wellbeing of the universeIndividuals can be nominated in the following sections: 

  • Events: Tribal, Urban, Rural, Community 
  • Performing Arts: Group or Individual, Hip Hop, Kapa Haka, Band 
  • Defence Force: Army, Navy, Airforce, Whare Tūtauā 
  • Innovation: Product, Process, Business Model 
  • Tribal Service: King Movement, Religion, Events, Negotiation 

Ngā Mētara o te rōpū whakahaere o te Iwi

Te Rōpū Whakahaere was the group of elders established to organise the tribe during the formation of the Kawenata. These medals (Mētara) honour individuals or groups who can accomplish unity for the greater good of Ngāti Maniapoto. The successful recipients will be determined by a select group.


Te Rangituataka Supreme Award

The Te Rangituataka Supreme Award is a stand-alone award and the Awards highest honour, which recognises outstanding performance in leadership.