Te Nehenehenui (TNN) is the newly formed Post-Settlement Governance Entity (PSGE) on behalf of Maniapoto (inclusive of all within Te Nehenehenui).  Deed of Settlement was signed in November 2021 which was a significant milestone between Maniapoto and the Crown, a process that took over 30 years to complete. In September 2022 over 600 Ngāti Maniapoto descendents travelled to Te Pane o Te Ika to witness the Third Reading of the Maniapoto Deed of Settlement. Since then all financial, commercial and cultural redress have been transferred to the PSGE. 

TNN is responsible for the management and administration of assets on behalf of, and for the benefit of present and future members of TNN.

Te Whatu Muturangi 

He iwi punga kāinga, he iwi tumutumu, he iwi rukuroa 

Our people are grounded, our people are vigilant, and enabled, our people are empowered. 

Te Whatu Muturangi, Te Kawau Rukuroa drives TNN towards two strategic priorities:  

Whakatōpū – whānau, marae, and hapū development 

Whakaranea – Economic prosperity 

TNN provides governance and strategic direction and comprises of two arms: Ahuahu Group Limited and Waihikurangi Trust. 

TNN aims to grow and develop future director talent within TNN, allowing for institutional knowledge and company strategy to be shared and understood, while supporting the growth of governance capability within iwi members.  

TNN have an opportunity for an Intern Trustee who will hold office for a term of one (1) year.   

The function of the Intern Trustee is to provide the opportunity to participate as a board member (non-voting), gain access to institutional knowledge, obtain governance and management mentoring, and learn about and understand company strategy and the inner workings of TNN. 

The successful applicant will be a registered adult Iwi member who can demonstrate leadership potential and possesses skills or knowledge relevant to the purposes of the Trust.   

Please direct confidential enquiries or to request a copy of the job description contact Christine Beach, HR Manager on 027 276 0087 or email – Christine.beach@tnn.co.nz.   

Applications close – Friday 23 February 2024 at 5pm.