Westpac Financial Literacy Workshop

Te Nehenehenui in collaboration with Westpac will deliver six Financial Literacy workshops from July to September 2024.

The financial literacy program will empower our whānau, hapū and marae with essential knowledge and skills related to managing money, making informed financial decisions, and achieving financial well-being.

Te Nehenehenui are providing this course FREE to all registered Tribal members and ask that you ensure you are committed to attending before registering. Dates for each workshop is as follows:

17th July: Workshop 1 – Money attitudes and goals (In person and online)
31st July: Workshop 2 – Good money habits (online)
14th August: Workshop 2 – Understanding debt (online)
28th August: Workshop 4 – Homeownership and mortgage smarts (online)
11th September: Workshop 5 – Insurance and information source (online)
25th September: Workshop 6 – KiwiSaver (In person and online)

The 6-week workshops will be delivered from 7pm to 8.30pm, online and in person (Matawhaiora, 49 Taupiri Street, Te Kūiti 3910).

Online workshops can be accessed from your kāinga, and in-person from Matawhaiora for our whānau requiring connectivity support to the workshops.

Matawhaiora office can host up to 50 of our whānau during each workshop, please ensure you register for catering purposes.

For more information, and to register, please click here